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Pocket Topper Bear
3.28w X 4.72h


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Stitches: 12345

1. Royal Blue [PF368]
2. Chalcedony Yellow [PF11]
3. Spring Green [PF232]
4. Cascade [PF384]
5. Flagstone Clay [PF794]
6. Mahogany [PF749]
7. Flagstone Clay [PF794]
8. Dusty Rose [PF153]
9. Mahogany [PF749]
10. Flagstone Clay [PF794]
11. Mahogany [PF749]
12. Dusty Rose [PF153]
13. Flagstone Clay [PF794]
14. Mahogany [PF749]
15. Dusty Rose [PF153]
16. Royal Blue [PF368]
17. Spring Green [PF232]
18. Moderate Blue [PF352]

Pocket topping bear teddy baby infant child children cartoon animal mammal sleep night embellishment All in one pocket toppers

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