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How to download and unzip embroidery designs

How to download and unzip designs

Length 6 min. 38 sec. ··· Beginner

Freestanding Lace • Lesson by John | Click here to watch

To everyone out there with style and grace, here's a quick video on freestanding lace. This video is packed with tips and will show you how to create beautiful freestanding lace.

Length 5 min. 53 sec. ··· Beginner

Hooping Basics • Lesson by John | Click here to watch

The Quality of a design starts with how well your material and stabilizer is hooped. This Video teaches you how to hoop your designs properly without well... jumping through hoops.

Length 4 min. 38 sec. ··· Beginner

No-Show Mesh Stabilizer • Lesson by John | Click here to watch

This video explains and demonstrates John's favorite type of stabilizer: No-show mesh. Because these days, trying to navigate through all the different types of stabilizers can make you feel a little unstable yourself.

Length 4 min. 37 sec. ··· Beginner

Embroidery Toppers • Lesson by John | Click here to watch

Stay on top of your embroidery designs with embroidery toppers. This video shows you how and when to properly use embroidery toppers.

Length 1 min. 19 sec. ··· Beginner

Metallic Thread • Lesson by John | Click here to watch

Metallic threads are often overlooked as the troublemakers of the thread family. In our opinion, metallic thread is simply misunderstood. In this video John demonstrates how to avoid thread breaks and properly use metallic threads.

Length 3 min. 2 sec. ··· Beginner

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